Mermaid Sculpture – Adult



Hand sculpted & painted. Attached to a wood base. Each scale was individually created and placed on her. She is 4 inches tall at her highest point.

This mermaid is twisted in the fight with her own emotional turmoil.

This sculpture is up for sale for $80.

Email for shipping arrangments.


End of February Specials

Well February is over and so too ends the special prices for the Mother Earth sculpture and the Kreo the Dragon Sculpture. However they are both still for sale and currently listed on Seekins Art over on Etsy.

We have also listed Forrest the Dragon up for sale on Etsy as well.

John continues to ponder what his next creation may be. He has so many ideas floating about in that artists mind that even he cannot predict where his hands will lead him next. Stay tuned for more art by John Seekins both here and on the Etsy shop as well.

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